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Thanks for your interest in employment with TRMF! This is our Gen 2 website, but YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. This is still where our Employment Information and Applications are powered. 

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Hello! My name is Joey! I'm a former employee of the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, current student at the University of Colorado and the guy in the photo above.

At the request of TRMF's HR department, I'm here to tell you anything and everything when it comes to spending a summer in Medora.

If you already know that you want to work with the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, you can see the available job openings here.

If you're thinking about it and want a little more info, read on.



As Theodore Roosevelt -- Medora's most famous former resident would say - BULLY QUESTION! Here's our answer.

The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation is a 501 (c3) non-profit that provides entertainment, lodging, retail, and outdoor experiences for the traveling public. And when I say experiences, I mean EXPERIENCES!

Paige (one of my front desk teammates) made great connections with our guests at the Rough Riders Hotel.



I asked myself that same question before I came out for my first summer.

So I talked to my sister -- who works in Medora's Group Sales department.

She asked me - and I'll ask you:

  • Do you think it would be fun to work with people from 20+ International countries and 46 states
  • Potentially take home a Scholarship
  • Live in a town straight out of the Old West in an enviroment you'd see in National Geographic
  • Spend free time photographing or hiking Theodore Roosevelt National Park or mountain biking the glorious Maah Daah Hey trail
  • Golfing Bully Pulpit, a Top 100 Public Golf Course in America


Connecting people to Historic Medora for positive, life-changing, experiences.


And it didn't hurt that they have an incredible campus complete with cafeteria, lounge, gym, 3 music rooms and a ton more!




I worked at the Bully Pulpit Golf Course. I had friends that Interned in the Marketing department and others who worked in food service. My buddy Luke (meet him in the video below) worked as a Historical Interpreter.

We also got to work the Medora Musical.

There's so many opportunities in Medora, check out the link below to see what's available right now!





That's it for me!

You can see what Exploring in Medora is like on the Medora Employee Facebook Page.

Learn more and hear from other workers below:


If you have any questions, email HR Director Chelsea Dicke at


Ready to head west? 

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In the meantime, explore a few of the videos below to get an even better idea of the flavor of spending #theBestSummer in Medora.


A quick look at some summer work opportunities with a catchy tune attached...


A little 'splainer vid on why and what we at the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation do in the Badlands...


Here's why people come to experience Medora...


Each spring, there's the prelude to opening the "Greatest Show in the West"...


Bully Pulpit Golf Course, one of America's Top 100 Courses, from a bird's eye view...


Plus, Medora is steeped in Theodore Roosevelt history, and the legends of the old west...


Are you into some of the Raddest Races, in the Baddest Places? We have that here too...


Why are we here?

Because Harold Schafer loved the legend and history of Theodore Roosevelt's time in Medora.

Harold, who had created an amazingly successful company that made products like Mr. Bubble bubble bath decided to devote much of his time, energy, and fortune to saving this tiny town where TR once lived. 

Theodore Roosevelt said that it was here, in Medora, that the "Romance of his life began," and that he "Never would have been Presidnet, if not for his time in Dakota." 

Harold Schafer felt very much the same way, that here in Medora, was where his soul was most full. Harold passed away in 2001.

But his own legacy in the Badlands continues -- a legacy that gives you the chance, if you take it, to be inspired by the Badlands the way he and TR were, to connect to Medora for a positive, life-changing experience. 

In his own words, here's why Harold thought you'd love this place as much as he did...

(If you have 10 minutes, rewind the video and enjoy the whole thing!)


Well, what are you waiting for? Come work with us. Come explore with us. 

See opportunities here.  Apply here.